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Contact Stacey Andreas  Stacey Andreas ex: 35161 Teacher
Contact Brandy Ansotigue  Brandy Ansotigue ex: 35051 Teacher
Contact Marguerite Archibeck  Marguerite Archibeck ex: 35120 Teacher
Contact Allen Baysinger  Allen Baysinger ex: 35137 Teacher
Contact Ann Blankenship  Ann Blankenship Teacher
Contact Miskee Blatner  Miskee Blatner ex: 35147/35064 Teacher
Contact Gary Bodman  Gary Bodman ex: 35118 Teacher
Contact Jada Bower  Jada Bower (505) 296-4871 ex: 35113 Teacher
Contact Richard Brion  Richard Brion ex: 35094 Teacher
Contact Jennifer Brooke-Boyden  Jennifer Brooke-Boyden ex: 35143 Teacher
Contact Linda Brown  Linda Brown ex: 35141 Teacher
Contact Martin Brown  Martin Brown ex: 35098 Teacher
Contact Mary Burns  Mary Burns ex: 35150 Teacher
Contact Larry Bustamante  Larry Bustamante ex: 35093 Teacher
Contact Stephen Castille  Stephen Castille ex: 35013 Teacher
Contact Jennifer Coughlin  Jennifer Coughlin ex: 35121 Teacher
Contact Lonne Dai Zovi  Lonne Dai Zovi ex: 35061 Teacher
Contact Matthew Dixson  Matthew Dixson ex: 35101 Teacher
Contact Charles Dotson  Charles Dotson ex: 35063 Teacher
Contact Judy Duarte  Judy Duarte Teacher
Contact Brad Dubbs  Brad Dubbs ex: 35066 Teacher
Contact Allison Dunn  Allison Dunn (505) 296-4871 ex: 35116 Teacher
Contact Rachael Eberhardt  Rachael Eberhardt Teacher
Contact Katherine Ela  Katherine Ela ex: 35153 Teacher
Contact Randee Ensor  Randee Ensor ex: 35078 Teacher
Contact Jamie Escobedo  Jamie Escobedo ex: 35086 Teacher
Contact Amanda Evans  Amanda Evans ex: 35152 Teacher
Contact Reid Figiel  Reid Figiel ex: 35072 Teacher
Contact Linda Fredericks  Linda Fredericks Teacher
Contact Patricio Freire  Patricio Freire ex: 35074 Teacher
Contact Deborah Garcia  Deborah Garcia ex: 35068 Teacher
Contact Mona Garcia  Mona Garcia ex: 35022 Teacher
Contact Rachel Godwin  Rachel Godwin ex: 35092 Teacher
Contact Don Gonzales  Don Gonzales (505) 296-4871 ex: 35076 Teacher
Contact John Gonzales  John Gonzales ex: 35115 Teacher
Contact Joey Gurule  Joey Gurule ex: 35059 Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Jose Gurule  Jose Gurule Teacher
Contact Jennifer Halpern  Jennifer Halpern ex: 35139 Teacher
Contact Rich Harbin  Rich Harbin ex: 35117 Teacher
Contact Richard Harbin  Richard Harbin Teacher
Contact Lesha Harenberg  Lesha Harenberg ex: 35041 Science Teacher: AP biology, Anatomy, Biology
Contact Jessica Harmon  Jessica Harmon ex: 35144 Teacher
Contact Thomas Hirschman  Thomas Hirschman ex: 35151 Teacher
Contact Michael Hirshfield  Michael Hirshfield ex: 35179 Teacher
Contact Eric Holmes  Eric Holmes (505) 296-4871 ex: 35123 Teacher
Contact Israel Ibarra-davila  Israel Ibarra-davila ex: 35111 Teacher
Contact Maria Johns  Maria Johns ex: 35137 Teacher
Contact Donald Johnson  Donald Johnson ex: 35146 MCJROTC MI
Contact Michael King  Michael King ex: 35056 Teacher
Contact James Koerber  James Koerber (505) 296-4871 ex: 35145 MCJROTC Senior Marine Instructor
Contact Tanya Kuhnee  Tanya Kuhnee Teacher
Contact Victoria Kurtz  Victoria Kurtz (505) 296-4871 ex: 35107 Teacher
Contact Mary Leonen  Mary Leonen ex: 35109 Teacher
Contact Mark List  Mark List ex: 35039 Teacher
Contact Timothy Lutz  Timothy Lutz ex: 35125 Teacher
Contact Rebecca Martinez  Rebecca Martinez ex: 35062 Teacher
Contact Robert May  Robert May (505) 328-8390 Teacher
Contact Chelsea Mccoy  Chelsea Mccoy ex: 35087 Teacher
Contact Rhonda McDaniels  Rhonda McDaniels ex: 35102 Teacher
Contact Patrick McElwee  Patrick McElwee ex: 35069 Teacher
Contact Kristin Meyer  Kristin Meyer ex: 35089 Teacher
Contact Alexander Mikaelian  Alexander Mikaelian ex: 35020 Teacher
Contact Mary Moleres  Mary Moleres ex: 35104 Teacher
Contact Denise Montoya  Denise Montoya Teacher
Contact Amanda Olsen  Amanda Olsen ex: 35122 Teacher
Contact Kenneth Ortega  Kenneth Ortega ex: 35193 Teacher
Contact Anthony Orton  Anthony Orton ex: 35148 Teacher
Contact Anthony Orton  Anthony Orton Teacher
Contact George Petropoulos  George Petropoulos ex: 35128 Teacher
Contact Mark Piccione  Mark Piccione ex: 35090 Teacher
Contact Robert Pierce  Robert Pierce ex: 35097 Teacher
Contact Joe Platt  Joe Platt ex: 35134 Teacher
Contact Ray Quintana  Ray Quintana (505) 296-4871 ex: 35096 Teacher
Contact Coleman Raison  Coleman Raison ex: 35163 Teacher
Contact Sheldon Richards  Sheldon Richards ex: 35114 Teacher
Contact Michael Robertson  Michael Robertson ex: 35108 Teacher
Contact Adrienne Royce  Adrienne Royce ex: 35085 Teacher
Contact Mark Ryan  Mark Ryan ex: 35040 Teacher
Contact Kim Salazar  Kim Salazar ex: 35025 Teacher
Contact Roy Sanchez  Roy Sanchez ex: 35042 Athletic Director
Contact Kelley Sartori  Kelley Sartori ex: 35011 Teacher
Contact R Schafer  R Schafer (505) 480-6345 ex: 35095 Teacher
Contact August Schroeder  August Schroeder ex: 35126 Teacher
Contact Rebecca Scott  Rebecca Scott ex: 35190 Crossroads Counselor
Contact Richard Sleeter  Richard Sleeter ex: 35087 Teacher
Contact Stephen Snowden Jr.  Stephen Snowden Jr. Teacher
Contact Stephen Snowden  Stephen Snowden ex: 35066 Teacher
Contact William Sprague  William Sprague ex: 35153 Teacher
Contact Cecilia Stanley  Cecilia Stanley ex: 35122 Teacher
Contact Maria Stefanova  Maria Stefanova Teacher
Contact Maria Stefanova  Maria Stefanova ex: 35140 Teacher
Contact Andrew Taher  Andrew Taher ex: 35177 Teacher
Contact Sean Thomas  Sean Thomas ex: 35131 Teacher
Contact Joanne Tippeconnic  Joanne Tippeconnic ex: 35006 Transition Specialist
Contact Kelly Tobeler-price  Kelly Tobeler-price ex: 35105 Teacher
Contact Kristen Tomany  Kristen Tomany ex: 35062 Teacher
Contact Kristin Tomany  Kristin Tomany Teacher
Contact Cheryl Tomlin  Cheryl Tomlin Teacher
Contact Cheryl Tomlin  Cheryl Tomlin ex: 35124 Teacher
Contact MARY TRACE  MARY TRACE ex: 35026 ISP
Contact Michael Villarreal  Michael Villarreal ex: 35127 Teacher
Contact Soraya Vincent  Soraya Vincent ex: 35009 Teacher
Contact Lissa Warren  Lissa Warren Teacher
Contact Rachel Webb  Rachel Webb ex: 35135 Teacher
Contact Glenn Wellman  Glenn Wellman ex: 35138 Teacher
Contact Frances Wilson  Frances Wilson ex: 35135 Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Tatiana Abras  Tatiana Abras ex: 35007 Occupational Therapist
Contact Isabel Armijo  Isabel Armijo EA
Contact Carly Babani  Carly Babani ex: 35142 Social Worker
Contact Danielle Burnett  Danielle Burnett ex: 35012 Truancy
Contact Charlotte Conn  Charlotte Conn ex: 35060 Social Worker
Contact Les Dutko  Les Dutko ex: 35070 Athletic Trainer
Contact Yolanda Fabian  Yolanda Fabian EA
Contact Natalia Garcia  Natalia Garcia EA
Contact Carl Garner  Carl Garner EA
Contact Eric Hammonds  Eric Hammonds ex: 35058 Copy Room
Contact Glenda Hildan  Glenda Hildan EA
Contact Jolina Hodgman  Jolina Hodgman ex: 35294 Cafeteria Manager
Contact Elizabeth Kam  Elizabeth Kam ex: 35065 Speech Lang Pathologist
Contact Sharon Lagarde  Sharon Lagarde ex: 35020 EA
Contact Lucia Loyola  Lucia Loyola EA
Contact Amanda Miller  Amanda Miller EA
Contact Alexandria Nastav  Alexandria Nastav EA
Contact Juan Navarrete  Juan Navarrete Head Custodian
Contact Stephanie Noya  Stephanie Noya ex: 35017 Nurse
Contact Eric Patterson  Eric Patterson Night Lead Custodian
Contact Angela Pena  Angela Pena EA
Contact Roberta Sanchez  Roberta Sanchez EA
Contact John Schaumburg  John Schaumburg ex: 35037 Security/TOC
Contact Julene Shoup-thompson  Julene Shoup-thompson EA
Contact Joanne Tippeconnic  Joanne Tippeconnic ex: 35006 Transition Specialist
Contact Thomas Tolbert  Thomas Tolbert EA
Contact Wesley Viers  Wesley Viers EA
Contact Robert White  Robert White EA/Security

Principal and Assistant Principals

Contact Michelle Mansfield  Michelle Mansfield ex: 35033 11th Grade Assistant Principal
Contact Martin Sandoval  Martin Sandoval Principal
Contact Rodney Suazo  Rodney Suazo ex: 35031 10th Grade Assistant Principal
Contact Rachel Weihe  Rachel Weihe ex: 35030 12th Grade Assistant Principal

9th Grade Academy

Contact Paul Burrows  Paul Burrows Dean of Students
Contact Paula Tenen  Paula Tenen ex: 35049 9th Grade Secretary
Athletic Director
Contact Roy Sanchez  Roy Sanchez ex: 35042 Athletic Director
Activities Director
Contact Joshua Blondin  Joshua Blondin ex: 35043 Activities Director
Contact Lorraine Feagler  Lorraine Feagler ex: 35057 Library
Contact Crystal Jackson  Crystal Jackson ex: 35084 Bookroom
Contact Eric Hammonds  Eric Hammonds ex: 35058 Copy Room


Contact Casey Cooper  Casey Cooper ex: 35038 Last Names: A-Di
Contact Madeline Kruse  Madeline Kruse ex: 35044 Last Names: Go-Man
Contact Megan Larez  Megan Larez ex: 35047 Last Names: Dj-Gl
Contact Brenna McJimsey  Brenna McJimsey ex: 35010 Last Names: Mar-Ro
Contact Valerie Velhagen  Valerie Velhagen (505) 296-4871 ex: 35013 College & Career Counselor
Contact Trisha Mertens  Trisha Mertens ex: 35009 Last Names: Ru-Z
Administrative Staff
Contact Ona Albert  Ona Albert ex: 35050 11th Grade Secretary
Contact Judith Alderman  Judith Alderman ex: 35035 Bookkeeper
Contact Carol Ellis  Carol Ellis ex: 35071 Registrar
Contact Kathryn Martinez  Kathryn Martinez ex: 35034 12th Grade Secretary
Contact Antoinette Sandoval  Antoinette Sandoval ex: 35029 Head Secretary
Contact Paula Tenen  Paula Tenen ex: 35049 9th Grade Secretary
Contact Stephanie Tierney  Stephanie Tierney ex: 35073 10th Grade Secretary
Contact Patricia Bianco  Patricia Bianco ex: 35024 Counseling Secretary
Contact Stephanie Noya  Stephanie Noya ex: 35017 Nurse
Contact Amanda Lacasse  Amanda Lacasse ex: 35048 Nurse
Contact Mark Rosario  Mark Rosario ex: 35036 APS Police