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Email is my preferred method of contact.  I will return all e-mails within 24 hours.

ext. 35072

Reid Figiel

Physical Education

In Physical Education this year, you will be given a variety of opportunities to participate in activities designed to increase your functional fitness and motor development.  Some activities may be more strenuous than others, but your quality of effort determines your grade.  Not everyone is good at everything, but everyone is great at something!  I will work with you to discover your greatness and encourage you to try new challenges.  There are only 3 things you need to do to get an "A" in P.E.:

1.  Show up 

2.  Dress out 

3.  Try Everything!  

I look forward to helping you realize your physical potential and anticipate a great year in Physical Education!

PE Syllabus

PE Standards - What you should learn this year.


PE Vocabulary

Muscles of The Body (Must Know for Test)

Weight Training

Weights Syllabus


Baseball Syllabus

To view any Varsity EHS baseball games around the world, you can set up an account with Game Changer and receive live game updates and final scores.  Please become a part of our team and watch our boys all year long.

Absence Policy

Absences must be made up within 5 days of returning to school.  One day per absence is allowed if multiple absences occur. The student should write a one page article review about anything that pertains to health, PE, nutrition, sports, fitness, or weight training.  Students can choose from the articles below or an article of their own choice. The article must be turned in with the student's review to earn full credit for their absence.

Fat Loss Article

Concussion Article

Knee Injury Article

Energy Drink Article

Class Schedule
Period Class
1 Physical Education
2 Weight Training
3 Weight Training
4 Weight Training
5 Weight Training
6 Physical Education
7 Baseball


Parent Corner

ParentVue is a web-based application that allows parents to access daily schedules, grades, attendance information and graded assignments. It is accessed separately for each child (if three children attend an APS school, there will be three log-ins for ParentVue).