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The Pre-ACT is a practice ACT exam designed and normed for 10th graders, and it is given once a year at Eldorado. The pre-ACT is open to sophomores and juniors for a small fee (TBA) and is a great way to help students decide whether they prefer the format of the ACT or the SAT (since all sophomores try the PSAT). All colleges accept both ACT and SAT, so it's beneficial for students to learn which test is better for them.

To be notified when Pre-ACT results are in, text @preact2018 to 81010.

2018 Pre-ACT: Sat., Dec. 1, 2018

Ms. Velhagen will visit all 10th & 11th grade English classes in September 2018 with details about the 2018 ACT and how to register and pay for this optional test.